My Family’s Memorable Classic Car Show Adventure

As the son of a longtime automotive engineer, I grew up with a rather unusual appreciation of the art of vehicle design. For as long as I can remember, I have paid a great deal of attention to new car models, innovative technologies and improvements within the industry as a whole. Car shows were always part of our family’s recreational plans, with all of us enjoying the fun and friendship that could always be found at such events.

Now that my dad is getting up a bit in years, my brother and I decided to renew our love of car shows, classic vehicles, and cross-country travel by planning a few grand excursions every summer. This year, we decided that we would focus on classic car shows in the western United States, a region we enjoyed greatly decades ago but have since failed to visit very much. It was time for a get-away, and a car show was just what the doctor ordered.

Our first outing was a huge success, with all of us basking in a sense of togetherness and shared purpose that we had clearly been missing. There really is nothing like a classic car show to provide feelings of nostalgia, pride and happiness in those who appreciate the glory of the automobile’s evolution.