Car Shows In The Western United States

Modern cars are very appealing. Some newer cars are a joy to drive. However, those cars don’t offer all of the things that classic cars do. If you have the chance to attend a classic car show, you should take advantage of the opportunity.

We met an owner of a limo service Minneapolis MN that was telling us that a lot of classic car shows take place in the western United States. For example, you’ll find plenty of big car shows in California. This happens for a variety of reasons.

You’ll find that a lot of car shows happen in areas with a hotter and drier climate. This is because it’s easier to keep a car safe in an environment like this. The roads are in better condition, which means people can drive their older cars without damaging them or being exposed to rust.

In addition, there are a lot of people with incredible car collections in southern California. These people don’t want to have to transport their cars a long distance; they prefer to attend the shows that are in their area.

If you live in this part of the US, you should be able to attend some truly amazing classic car shows. If you’re on the other side of the country, you might want to think about taking a trip in the future.

My Family’s Memorable Classic Car Show Adventure

As the son of a longtime automotive engineer, I grew up with a rather unusual appreciation of the art of vehicle design. For as long as I can remember, I have paid a great deal of attention to new car models, innovative technologies and improvements within the industry as a whole. Car shows were always part of our family’s recreational plans, with all of us enjoying the fun and friendship that could always be found at such events.

Now that my dad is getting up a bit in years, my brother and I decided to renew our love of car shows, classic vehicles, and cross-country travel by planning a few grand excursions every summer. This year, we decided that we would focus on classic car shows in the western United States, a region we enjoyed greatly decades ago but have since failed to visit very much. It was time for a get-away, and a car show was just what the doctor ordered.

Our first outing was a huge success, with all of us basking in a sense of togetherness and shared purpose that we had clearly been missing. There really is nothing like a classic car show to provide feelings of nostalgia, pride and happiness in those who appreciate the glory of the automobile’s evolution.

Enjoying Classic Car Shows in the Western United States

There’s something enjoyable about getting out during the weekend and going to a classic car show. Many of us will look for them in our local area but in many cases, you may find that it is beneficial to travel to such an event. There are many classic car shows throughout the western United States, many of which are worse the visit.

One thing to consider when visiting any classic car shows is the type of automobiles that are going to be displayed. This may differ from one event to another, and if you are going out of your way to visit, it is well worth looking into an advance. In some cases, it may be muscle cars and at others, it could be antiques but they often feature one particular type of automobile over another.

You might also be surprised with all of the other activities that are taking place at a classic car show as well. It is often an atmosphere than includes food stands and something for everyone in the family. You might even find that it is enjoyable for those who don’t necessarily have an interest in cars. Either way, getting a look at some of these babies all dressed up for the show – shined, and cleaned – makes you think about the time period that they were born. What was life like when the ’57 Chevy came out? Much different than it is now for sure.

Hello and Welcome!

Hey there! My name is Kenny and I’m a huge car buff. I’ve loved cars ever since I’ve been a kid, and especially got interested in classic car shows. I want to research car shows here in the West, and decided to blog about it.

There is quite a history of classic car shows throughout the western part of the United States and it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The spread out countryside of the Pacific Northwest, desert Southwest, and Rocky Mountains in the middle led to scenic roads and iconic highways like the famous Route 66. This creates a love of road trips, of classic cars, and of memories from the amazing cars that made those cross country road trips a major part of the American culture and personality.

The West is home to a wide variety of classic car shows now, emphasizing now only cars from those eras but all kinds of classic cars depending on what it is you’re looking for.

Just some of the top shows include:
– Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance brings over 200 collector’s cars to Pebble Beach and often serves as a big reveal for something new coming out, as well
– Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors is the finest show you’ll find in Colorado
– The Texas Hoedown because you got to have one in Texas
– Southwest Street Rod Nationals Plus in Oklahoma is one of the largest in the Southwest

My family has always been involved in classic cars on some level, with many trips planned each summer to see some of the classic car shows in our local area. Now that I have children of my own, I want to be able to carry on the tradition of viewing beautiful classic cars and having conversations on the rich history of each make and model.

We will be planning a trip for the summer throughout some of the Western United States and I am interested in gathering as much information as I can on some of the different car shows that are out there. I know that a lot of places will usually hold regular weekly shows, but I am also looking for some of the large scale gatherings much like they have for the Corvair and other stunning vehicles.

If possible, I would also like to see about some of the different parades, as we will be traveling around about the time of the 4th of July and would like to see if there are any classic car shows and parades going on. Any information that I could get would be very helpful.